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Henderson County Soccer Association

Henderson County Soccer Association

Playing Rules


Below are the playing rules for HCSA:


Should these rules conflict in any way with the North Texas State Soccer Association (“NTSSA”) bylaws or rules, current or enacted by NTSSA in the future, then the rules or bylaws of NTSSA shall supersede these rules.


Section I

1.    Playing year-HCSA playing year will be September 1 through August 31 of the current year.

2.    U4,U6 - No scoring shall be maintained (Referees will not keep score).


Section II

1.    Team Standings-The following point system will be used to determine a team’s standings for U8, U10, U12, U14, U16:

a.    Win   6 pts

b.    Draw 3 pts

c.    Loss  0 pts

d.    1 pt for each goal scored in a game. Max of 3 pts.

e.    Shut Out Win 1 pt

f.     Forfeit- A forfeit shall result in a 10 point award to the team appearing as scheduled and no points for the team forfeiting.

g.    4 team yellow cards 1 pt removed from gross pt total

h.    1 red card 2 pts removed from gross pt total

A team playing in a tournament MUST notify the referee coordinator 2 weeks prior to the date of the game to be missed or a forfeit shall accrue. The game shall be referred to the Board for final determination.

2.    Gross season score will be counted at the end of the season. All points awarded inside HCSA games will only be counted.

3.    All penalty points will also be subtracted from that total including those awarded outside of HCSA

4.    Team with the highest end of season score will be eligible for a scheduled championship tournament.

5.    End of season score tie procedure is as follows:

a.    Head to Head competition

b.    Minimum number of goals allowed (Max of 3 per game)

c.    Maximum numbers of goals scored (Max of 3 per game)

d.    Coin toss in a neutral location with reps from teams present and coin provided and tossed by a neutral party (HCSA board member)






Section III

1.    Equipment Utilization

a.    Fields will be lined and nets and corner flags will be installed in accordance with rules established or amended each year by HCSA.

b.    Home team will provide game ball.


Section IV

1.    Eligibility

a.    Player Eligibility-To be eligible a player must:

                                          i.    Submit proper registration and have paid applicable fees to HCSA

                                        ii.    Not be under suspension

                                       iii.    Fall within the age limits of the following divisions:

1.    U6

2.    U8

3.    U10

4.    U12

5.    U14

6.    U16

7.    U19

                                       iv.    Age determined by birth year by NTX Calendar Year.

                                        v.    Players may play in an older division, but under no circumstance may he or she play in a younger division.

                                       vi.    Players may change teams only with written permission for the board of directors and both coaches have agreed to the change and submitted said change in writing.

b.    Team Eligibility-To be eligible a team must:

                                          i.    Submit all required fees and documents to the Secretary/Registrar or other designated HCSA officer on or before the date set by HCSA

                                        ii.    Not be under suspension


Section V

1.    Forfeits- Grounds for forfeiture are as follows:

a.    Fielding an ineligible player

b.    Coach or designated adult replacement not present with team during game

c.    Failure to field the minimum number of players allowable within 10 minutes of game time. Game time will be kept by referee. Forfeits will be reported by referee to standing secretary.

                                          i.    Minimum number of players a team may field without forfeit is as follows:

1.    U6       3

2.    U8       3

3.    U10     5

4.    U12     7

5.    U14     9

In the event of extreme misconduct or interference after the referee has cautioned a fan and fan was told to leave the field and fan refuses to leave the field, the game will be abandoned. All abandoned games will be investigated by the Appeals and Disciplinary Committee and will be ruled on by the Board of Directors.


Section VI

1.    Violence and Misconduct-As stated in Rule 11 of NTSSA


Section VII

1.    Protests

a.    Team protesting a game must deliver the protest in writing to the Appeals and Disciplinary committee within three days after the game. A fee of $100.00 will accompany the protest. Protests based on the judgment of a referee will not be considered. If protests are upheld the fee will be refunded and the game replayed. If protest is disallowed, the decision may be appealed to the Board of Directors within three days, excluding weekends, of the decision. A fee of $15.00 fee will accompany the appeal. A decision by the Board of Directors will be made within 5 days, excluding weekends, to determine the outcome of the game in question. The $15.00 fee will be deposited with HCSA regardless of the ruling of the Board. Ruling on appeals by the Board are final. Further appeals may be made to NTSAA.


Section VIII

1.    Scoring Forms

a.    All scoring forms will be provided by each referee. Each referee will have forms signed by each coach and will turn them in promptly to the assignor.


Section IX

1.    Fees and Rosters

a.    Team fees and rosters must be submitted to the registrar on or before the date set by competition requirements of its age group.

b.    Roster Size will fall under the following structure

                                          i.    U6       4-8 players

                                        ii.    U8       4-8 Players

                                       iii.    U10     7-12 players

                                       iv.    U12     9-16 players

                                        v.    U14     11-18 players

                                       vi.    U16     13-22 players

In the case of U12 and above age groups the Association has the option to change roster sizes in case of the need for small sided games.

c.    Prior to the beginning of each game, coaches are required to notify the referee of the number of eligible players present for the game. The following ages must be matched player to player: U6-U12. U14 and up are not subject to this rule.

d.    Coaches may not recruit players from other teams

e.    Changes made to team rosters must be reported immediately to the registrar.

f.     Releases-A player may opt to change teams if:

                                          i.    All players and coaches involved consent to the change, The Board of Directors must approve the change to validate the roster(s) and player eligibility.

                                        ii.    A coach may request to release a player from his roster if the player is guilty of gross insubordination, willful evasion of practice, and or other infractions. Incidents of this nature will be reported and acted on by the Appeals and Disciplinary Committee. Final decision will be made by Board of Directors.

                                       iii.    The change will not violate the roster maximum number as described in this section.


Section X

1.    Team Alignment

a.    Players will return each season to the teams which they are assigned the previous season provided they meet the requirements for that division in the Spring.

b.    Coaches may have their children assigned to their team provided they meet the requirement for that division.

c.    Siblings may be placed on the same team provided they meet the requirements for that division.

d.    Teams will be filled at the beginning of each season as follows:

                                          i.    New players will be assigned at random to existing teams until team rosters are full, with equal numbers respective to age gender and experience for U12 & up. When full, selected as a new team and assigned a coach.

                                        ii.    U6, U8, & U10 will create new teams each Fall.

e.    No player may be added to a roster after the second week of HCSA games unless the roster has dropped below the minimum levels described in section IX. Players added after this time will be added by random draw.

f.     Special requests due to special circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.


Section XI

1.    Laws of the Game (Except as described in the following: FIFA, USYSA and NTSSA rules apply)

a.    Field Size

                                          i.    U6/U8             25 x 15 yds

                                        ii.    U10                 65 x 35 yds

                                       iii.    U12                 80 x 55 yds

                                       iv.    U14/U16        120 x 75 yds

b.    Goal Size

                                          i.    U6/U8             4 ft x 6 ft

                                        ii.    U10                 6.5 ft x 18.5 ft

                                       iii.    U12                 7 ft x 21 ft

                                       iv.    U14/U16        8 ft x 24 ft

c.    Duration of the Game

                                          i.    U6                   (4) 6 Minute Quarters

                                        ii.    U8                   (4) 8 Minute Quarters

                                       iii.    U10                 25 Minute Halves

                                       iv.    U12                 30 Minute Halves

                                        v.    U14                 35 Minute Halves

                                       vi.    U16                 40 Minute Halves

                                      vii.    U19                 45 Minute Halves

d.    Technical area and the appropriate FIFA laws regarding conduct and allowances within the technical area will be enforced for all U8 and above. Additionally, parents and fans may voice encouragement and supportive comments from the sidelines. Coaching from the sidelines by fans and/or parents is not allowed. Referee and assistant referees will decide the appropriateness of comments from the fans.

e.    Number of Players on field during the game:

                                          i.    U6/U8             4 v 4

                                        ii.    U10                 7 v 7

                                       iii.    U12                 9 v 9

                                       iv.    U14                 11 v 11

                                        v.    U16                 11 v 11

f.     Practices

                                          i.    Coaches will follow the limits below for practice times

1.    3 hours per week

2.    Non-registered players may not practice with a registered team. A 5 game suspension will be assessed to the coach for failure to comply with this rule.

g.    Play Time-Each coach is required to play every player 50% of the game time.


Section XII

1.    Play Of Game

a.    U6-Dead Zone

                                          i.    No player is to be standing still in the dead zone. If this occurs the referee may award a Penalty Kick to the other team. Penalty kick is to be awarded from the edge of the circle.

b.    U8-Dead Zone

                                          i.    No player is to be standing still in the dead zone. If this occurs the referee may award a Penalty Kick to the other team. Penalty kick is to be awarded at the half field mark.

                    c. Slide tackling will not be permitted in any age division until U14. A caution will be issued on first offense, then a red card will be given to any player that performs an illegal         slide tackle, which result in a one game suspension, for any age bracket.





Section XIII

1.    Coach Selection

a.    All coaches will be approved by the board of directors

b.    Coaches qualify by:

                                          i.    Passing  a background check & any NTX certification requirements.

                                        ii.    Be willing to attend a coach’s clinic

                                       iii.    Not be on suspension or probation from this or any other youth sport organization.

c.    If more than one person applies to be a coach for the same team the Board of directors will select the coach by the following criteria:

                                          i.    Coach is staying with team that continues to play consecutively.

                                        ii.    Coach has child playing on the team.

d.    Assistant coaches must pass background check and be free of any suspensions or probations to be considered.

e.    Coaches will not smoke during any soccer activities of HCSA.

f.     Coaches will not use any kind of alcoholic beverage immediately prior to or during any soccer activities of HCSA.

g.    Failure to comply with sections E & F will result in said person being asked to leave the premises. Continued failure to comply will result in expulsion of the coach or coaches in question.

h.    Specific coaching violations and penalties:

                                          i.    Improperly dismissing player

1.    Five (5) game suspension minimum

                                        ii.    Falsifies number of players on roster

1.    One (1) year suspension

                                       iii.    Unregistered player plays in a game

1.    One (1) year suspension

                                       iv.    Holds try-outs prior to draft to establish team

1.    One (1) year suspension


Section XIV

1.    Player Equipment/Uniform

a.    Basic Compulsory uniform will consist of the following:

                                          i.    Short

                                        ii.    Socks

                                       iii.    Jersey (tucked into shorts)

                                       iv.    Shin Guards

                                        v.    Appropriate footwear

b.    Items deemed dangerous to themselves or other players are but not limited to:

                                          i.    Jewelry

                                        ii.    Hats

                                       iii.    Barrettes

                                       iv.    Metal Cleats

                                        v.    Shoe with Toe Cleat


Section XV

1.    Weather

a.    Weather-As defined in this context is a meteorological condition or conditions which may pose a serious threat to persons or property. Conditions include but are not limited to the following:

                                          i.    Thunderstorms

                                        ii.    Tornadoes

                                       iii.    Lightning

                                       iv.    Hail

                                        v.    Heavy Rain

                                       vi.    Sleet

                                      vii.    Freezing Rain

                                     viii.    Excessive Cold or Heat

                                       ix.    High Winds

b.    Referees and league officials have the sole authority to determine game/game day playability.

c.    Cancellations

                                          i.    Games will be canceled if weather conditions pose a threat to the safety of HCSA participants or when play would produce damage to playing fields.

                                        ii.    Canceled games will be rescheduled as soon as possible. Double headers are possible when weather canceled games are scheduled.

d.    Game status as a result of weather cancellation

                                          i.    Games called due to weather that are called during the first half of play will not be considered a game and will be rescheduled when possible.

                                        ii.    Games that are called due to weather and have started play of the second half will be considered a game with the score as of the time cancellation applied as the result of a normal game.



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