Henderson County Soccer Association

Zero Tolerance for Disrespecting Referees

As an association, we want to represent a standard of respect.  It is important that we behave ourselves the best way we know how.   Each referee has taken a class and has full knowledge of the game.   Referees are not perfect but their call is final.   If a call was not seen by referee or if a call was made incorrectly, that refereeā€™s call is final.   We will NOT TOLERATE any DISRESPECT in ANY FORM.   No name calling, taunting, or yelling at the referee.   If a Board Member sees this, we will remove you from the game.   Our referees are here to do a job.  They are not getting paid on the side, taking bribes, or in the business to want one or another team to be the winners.  They will call it how they see it and we will respect them for it.   They are human and we will not degrade them in any way.   This includes our referees but are not limited to our referees.  We will behave ourselves accordingly when visiting other associations.   We will teach our players to respect the referee and sideline refs no matter what.   Many of our referees do this because they enjoy it and it is not fair to steal their joy by demeaning them or making them feel less than in any way.    As an association, we have zero tolerance for this behavior.  If any board member sees this, you will be asked to leave.   If we get a report of this behavior, you will be written up and you may be unable to coach in the future.  If a player disrespects the referee, they will be asked to leave, and if this behavior is repeated, they will no longer be allowed to play.   If a parent behaves this way, we will ask that parent to leave, if this behavior continues, that parent could be banned from games.  We thank you in advance for encouraging, uplifting, and supporting our referees.  



Henderson County Soccer Association


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